Selected organizations with outstanding services and products

Canada, R&D and technology commercialization

adMare BioInnovations uses its scientific and commercial expertise, specialized R&D infrastructure, and seed capital to build strong life sciences companies, develop robust ecosystems, and foster industry-ready talent. It re-invests its returns into the Canadian industry to ensure its long-term sustainability and with its portfolio companies, has since attracted $2.3 billion of risk capital and created over 1,000 jobs in Canada.

Canada, therapeutics discovery & development

Atorvia is a patient-focused therapeutics research company developing treatments for organ failure. Their lead drug program aims to block nucleophosmin-induced cell death during acute kidney injury, a devastating condition which affects over 70 million patients worldwide and for which there is still no effective therapy.

USA, institute for therapeutics R&D and commercialization

Calibr-Skaggs is a translational research division of Scripps Research, with a team of highly experienced scientists dedicated to progressing therapies from discovery into clinical trials. Calibr's infrastructure and expertise extend from high-throughput screening and protein engineering to pharmacology and clinical development.

India, CRO, clinical research

ClinTrek Research, CRO based in India (ClinTrek Research Pvt. Ltd.) and USA (ClinTrek Research LLC), provides high quality clinical research services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical and medical device industries. With a team of highly experienced professionals, they provide end-to-end and customized clinical trials services, from protocol designing to trial conduct and study report preparation, at competitive rates.

Canada, brain data analytics software platform

Cove Neurosciences is a data engineering company offering software solutions to support and enhance neuroscience research. Backed by an experienced team of doctors, neuroscientists, and software engineers, they developed a proprietary AI-driven platform, CoveConnect™, which enables multidimensional analyses of brain imaging data to accelerate diagnostics, therapeutic predictions, and streamlined research processes for pharmaceuticals, academia, and medical device companies.

Canada, CRO, biologics testing

Custom Biologics is a global large molecule bioanalytical CRO providing specialized, GLP-compliant, assay development, validation and testing services to support the pre-clinical/CMC and clinical stages of biopharmaceutical drug development. With 20+ years of experience and hundreds of studies performed, their team of experts will provide the biopharmaceutical assays you need to support your drug development programs.

USA, resource for drug discovery

Drug Hunter is a go-to resource for busy drug innovators to quickly and effectively learn about emerging drugs and technologies through newsletters, events, and more. This knowledge base is curated by a qualified team of drug discovery scientists for accurate and current drug discovery info.

Canada, biomaterials transport solutions

Emmoni develops storage and transport solutions for delicate biologic materials with aims to reduce the need for expensive and energy-intensive cold-chain systems. With their patented technology, they envision future material handling to be more sustainable, accessible, efficient, and cost-effective for a range of industries.

USA, genetic modeling, antibody therapeutics

Leveragen, a genetic engineering biotech company, provides genetic modeling solutions to study gene function and disease biology. With an extensive track record and decades of expertise in genetics, antibody therapeutics and engineering, they have developed their proprietary Singularity Mouse® platform capable of producing fully human nanobodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. 

UK, scalable nanoparticle manufacturing 

Micropore Technologies offers sustainable solutions for nanoparticle manufacturing for the drug, cosmetics, food and agricultural industries. Their expertise in formulation and production of such products as lipid nanoparticles,   hydrogels, and crystalized drugs is backed by 20+ years of experience and an accomplished team. 

Canada, sustainable bioengineering solutions

Phycus Biotechnologies is a synthetic biology company developing solutions for sustainable production of chemicals for a number of industries including cosmetics, agriculture, and automobile. Their proprietary biocatalyst-driven platform, Orthogonal Physiology, converts green house gases into renewable compounds, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of raw material manufacturing.

South Korea, CDMO, peptides

SP² Therapeutics is a specialized CDMO of peptide-based assets in the therapeutic and nutraceutical industries. Backed by an experienced scientific team of chemists, bioinformaticians, and engineers, they have developed a proprietary AI-driven, resin-based platform, FLOWSMART®, to address bottlenecks in existing manufacturing and enable efficient and scalable peptide production